Knowledge Partner Concept of KBS-NIAM, Jaipur
Kisan Business School (KBS) is an initiative of CCS national Institute of Agricultureal Marketing, Jaipur,(A Govt of India Institution under Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare)

Kisan Business School brings the concept of ASPIRE.

  • Access : With respect to information technology
  • Support : Management Functions
  • Perpetual : Sustainable Business
  • Innovation : Business Opportunities
  • Robust : Realistic Design to take care of the risk Read More..

Constitution of School

Modules 05
Number of Session 15
Farmers 30-40

Module and Session of KBS

Module Session
Preparatory meeting with prospective participants
Group formation and Strengthening
  • Livelihood and business visioning
  • Individual and group capacity assessment
  • learning and working together
Introducing marketing and business concept
  • Market chain perspective
  • Entrepreneurship for small scale producer
Identifying and prioritizing market opportunities
  • Planning for market chain assessment
  • Conducting market chain assessment
  • Decision and analysis of assessment results
  • Sharing and validation with market chain actors
  • Analysing and prioritizing market opportunities
Targeting and testing potential innovations
  • Action planning for innovations to address market opportunities
  • Designing & organizing the testing of innovations
  • Conducting and monitoring the testing of innovation
  • Presenting and sharing innovations with market chain actors and farmers
Business planning and Accessing business support service
  • Introduction to business plan
  • Writing the business plan, Financial research, & extension, and legal support service
  • criticizing and improve business plan
Final event launching of new business