Knowledge Partner Concept of KBS-NIAM, Jaipur
Kisan Business School (KBS) is an initiative of CCS national Institute of Agricultureal Marketing, Jaipur,(A Govt of India Institution under Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare)

Kisan Business School brings the concept of ASPIRE.

  • Access : With respect to information technology
  • Support : Management Functions
  • Perpetual : Sustainable Business
  • Innovation : Business Opportunities
  • Robust : Realistic Design to take care of the risk Read More..

Needs of Kisan Business School (KBS)

  • Changes in trade environment
  • Globalization
  • Liberalization
  • Income improvement
  • Change in consumption patter
  • Rapid urbanization
  • Diversification towards high value crop
  • Need to adapt to the changes in the market
  • Technical know-how is not enough
  • Go beyond production and productivity
  • Aim at income enhancement
  • Stay competitive and take advantage of the new opportunities
  • Improve efficiency, profitability and income
  • Farmers can see the value for market-orientated farming, but often lack the skills and networks needed to engage effectively
  • Traditional education system is often ill equipped to support farmers in meeting these challenges or availing opportunities available
  • Shift focus from production oriented extension to farm management extension focused on profitability facilitating linkages with market
  • Farmers need information on
  • what to produce and sell,
  • how to sell it,
  • where to sell it and to whom, and
  • What inputs to buy and from whom.
  • In short, they will need advice on production and market opportunities


  • Access: With Respect to Information, technology
  • Support: Management Functions;
  • Perpetual: Sustainable Business;
  • Innovation: Business Opportunities
  • Robust: Realistically designed to take care of the risk
  • Empathy: The business solutions to some of the farm issues gain suitable primacy